Why Businesses Should Use Sustainable Packaging Supplies & Eco-Friendly Materials

We used to think of sustainable packaging as something businesses would utilize in the distant future.

But now, that mindset is a thing of the past, as recyclable packaging is the foreseeable future.  

Reducing waste is an important part of sustainability efforts made by any company. But it can be a challenge to do so.

Whether calling it sustainable, eco-friendly, or recyclable packaging and materials, it is not only a better option for the environment, but an ideal investment for any business.

What Qualifies as Sustainable Packaging?

To understand how it can benefit your business, you must first understand what it is.

Sustainable packaging is a term that is used quite a bit throughout various industries. It refers to businesses integrating sustainability best practices, as well as using environmentally friendly materials.

For packaging to be considered eco-friendly, it needs to be safe, effective, and efficient.

This means these packaging supplies need to be comprised of materials that do not pose a risk to the planet or human health, are utilized throughout the product life cycle, and also support informed and responsible consumption.

Keeping this in mind, whether it’s recyclable food packaging or biodegradable packing peanuts, the product life cycle should be taken into consideration in addition to what happens after the products fulfils its intended use.

3 Ways Businesses Can Promote & Use Sustainable Materials for Packaging

As the need for packaging and shipping materials increase, it’s become even more important for businesses to keep our environment and waste production in mind.

So, how can businesses make an effort to reduce waste and incorporate recyclable packaging?

1. Promote Minimal Packaging

Packaging plays a key role in protecting and maintaining the integrity of any product.

It isn’t necessarily true that less is more, or that bigger is better.

Minimalistic packaging leads to a decrease in packaging waste and can even lead to reduced product costs.

Kraft paper rolls are an ideal way to reduce the amount of plastics used during shipping, which helps reduce packaging waste.

Products still arrive safely, and the packaging can be recycled with ease.

Compared to cardboard, corrugated shipping boxes offer a durable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly shipping option.

Corrugated boxes also come in a variety of sizes so the perfect option can be used to protect any given product during shipping.

2. Consider the Shipping Materials Being Used

Reduced packaging waste is a balance of product quality, and the materials used in making the box or shipping material.

Loose fill, for example, has been used since 1965 when the product was introduced as a polystyrene-based product. The light and airy packaging option was once known as EPS (expanded polystyrene foam), it was not biodegradable.

It was nearly impossible to recycle the packing peanuts, which meant the product polluted waterways and other public areas.

Packing peanuts have since progressed quite a bit and now offer a biodegradable product option.

This updated alternative makes it possible to recycle packing peanuts without having a negative impact on the environment.

Corn-based plastic packaging has also been recommended to reduce packaging waste as it can be broken down in a commercial composting facility.

3. Use Recyclable & Reusable Materials

This one sounds like a given, but it isn’t always as obvious as we think.

Businesses should opt for packaging and shipping materials that can either be reused or recycled.

If you aren’t sure how to recycle bubble wrap and other packaging items, or if the material is not recyclable, use it to store office supplies for safekeeping. This ensures packaging materials aren’t going to waste in a landfill.

Not only is it a step in the right direction of packaging waste reduction, but it helps reduce purchasing additional products that aren’t necessary.

Why Reducing Shipping Waste Can Save You Money

Not only does the future of the environment depend on sustainable efforts, but there’s another reason a business should reduce packaging waste.

Reevaluating the packaging could have a positive financial impact for the business by re-evaluating your supply chain and performing a product life-cycle assessment.

When evaluating the packaging being used, it could be determined that a better, cheaper, type of filler could be used instead, or that it could be beneficial to buy in bulk. Conforming packaging to the products could also result in more affordable shipping.

Find Shipping & Packaging Materials that Suit Your Business

Sustainable packaging and reducing packaging waste can help businesses reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Think about the packaging choices your business has made. Are there areas that could be improved to reduce the amount of material used or improve recycling option?

Incorporating sustainable options into your shipping and packaging solutions can have a lasting impact in the eyes of the consumer.

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